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New Calm Space to Relax in for Staff

New Calm Space to Relax in for Staff

Date of release: 5 May 2020

A 'serenity room' has been set up to help Trust staff unwind.

Located in the WMI (Building 11) opposite the library, the room is a calm, peaceful area fitted with comfortable chairs, pillows and blinds, allowing staff to zone out and relax if they wish. The room is open 24-7 to all staff and they can refresh themselves with complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits. There is a whiteboard for staff to write their feelings on and colouring books and crayons to aid mindfulness.

Latest News: Serenity Room

Education and Training have put together the room, and Kay McLoughlin, Staff Health and Wellbeing Project Co-ordinator, is hoping its introduction can inspire staff across all departments to create their own similar spaces. Recently, a ‘wobble’ room was introduced in Acute Medical Unit, which has proved extremely popular. “Lots of staff are experiencing additional stress in these challenging times,” said Kay. “The room gives staff somewhere to go to relieve those stresses. We hope to encourage others to set them up in their own areas.”

Latest News: Serenity Room - Never Give Up

Early feedback has been extremely positive. Lola Omotoso, Practice Education Facilitator (HCA Lead), said: “I used the space to talk with a colleague who needed a break-out session. The room was very serene, clean and welcoming and the atmosphere was very calming. In these difficult and challenging times, it was heart-warming to have such a place to relax, be calm and I was able to provide the support needed. The atmosphere was very de-stressing and we could talk about difficult situations in a very calm manner. After our session in there we were both very calm and refreshed.” Debra Baker, Postgraduate Medical Education Manager, added: “I found the room very calming and tranquil. It was very easy to talk and discuss sensitive issues in such a relaxing space.”

Resource packs are available to staff interested in setting up their own calm spaces. Any enquiries or feedback can be directed to Amy Steadman, Business Administration Manager, on 01902 307999 ext 6181, or e-mail at amy.steadman4@nhs.net

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