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International Clinical Trials Day 2020 - John's Story

International Clinical Trials Day 2020 - John’s Story

Date of release: 20 May 2020

Say hello to John Hammond - our final clinical trials patient for today!

The 68-year-old recently signed up to a clinical trial that is testing a new drug for patients with multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow), and for 10 months now has made regular visits to New Cross Hospital for treatment and check-ups.

Latest News: John Hammond - International Clinical Trials Day 2020

As a retired charge nurse, John knows all about the importance of research and was more than happy to play a part in developing what hopes to be a course of effective treatment for myeloma patients.

He explained: “I’ve seen how effective trials are while working as a nurse and I knew it could be a really effective way of receiving treatment - I knew to just to go for it!”

John, who lives in Bushbury, has just finished his twelfth cycle of treatment, which requires him to take his pre-medication drugs (the drugs he takes before his chemotherapy) via an intravenous drip alongside tablet medication.

The Trust’s research and development team are monitoring him closely and ensuring that support is in place so that he feels comfortable at all stages of the trial.

“I’m doing really well and the care has been tremendous.

“I still feel a little fatigue but I feel lucky because not everyone on the trial has felt so well, but that’s the nature of these trials - it may help some and others not so much, but then the research teams can take this learning and help shape future treatments that may be more effective for these individuals.

“The trials of today really are the treatment of tomorrow - I’ve been really happy to be involved.”

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