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Trust Celebrates National Breastfeeding Celebration Week and National Volunteers' Week

Trust Celebrates National Breastfeeding Celebration Week and National Volunteers' Week

Date of release: 1 June 2020

As part of National Breastfeeding Celebration Week, which takes place from June 1st to 7th, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust’s Maternity Services are promoting a series of innovations to support pregnant women, new mothers and their families.

Latest News: 121 Video Consulation by Breastfeeding Support Worker
Rachel Priestley, one of our Breastfeeding Support Workers, providing an infant feeding support video consultation

The theme of this year’s National Breastfeeding Celebration Week is ‘promoting and supporting breastfeeding during the Covid-19 pandemic’. The Trust have come up with several initiatives to help infant feeding during these challenging times, including:

  • Antenatal calls to pregnant women about their care and to provide additional information if needed
  • Postnatal calls to new mothers to offer them support and information
  • 121 video consultations with women to provide them with infant feeding support and information
  • A new Virtual Breastfeeding Antenatal class online for pregnant women and their families
  • A wealth of new resources on our webpages on infant feeding for expectant and new families
  • Additional telephone support for new mothers through our team of Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers

For more information see the Infant Feeding Team’s webpages by searching for “You and your baby Wolverhampton,” or on the Infant Feeding page.

Also, to coincide with National Volunteers Week, which also takes place this week, Maternity Services have also launched a recruitment drive for its next set of volunteers to be trained as Breastfeeding Peer Supporters. The volunteer training course is due to start later this year and more information about the Breastfeeding Peer Supporter volunteer scheme, is available on the Breastfeeding Peer Supporters web page.

Latest News: Volunteer Jess Spittle
Jess Spittle, one of our team of Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers, providing infant feeding support over the phone from her home

Every June, the Trust’s maternity services take the opportunity to thank the amazing Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment. This year, the Trust would like to say a special thank you to this amazing team of volunteers.

These volunteers - all mothers themselves and often working women too - dedicate hours of their spare time supporting pregnant women, new mothers and women with older babies throughout their infant feeding journeys, providing them with support, information, reassurance and encouragement.

Currently, due to the coronavirus lockdown, Breastfeeding Peer Support volunteers are not able to volunteer on the maternity wards and in breastfeeding groups, so instead are supporting women via social media and over the phone.

Diana West, Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinator from the Infant Feeding Team, said: “The Trust would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the volunteers for their continued support of our services, despite such challenging times, and look forward to welcoming them back onto our maternity wards again, when the lockdown restrictions are sufficiently lifted.

Celebrating our Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers during National Volunteers' Week

Infant Feeding: Breastfeeding Peer Support Volunteers 2020


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