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National Volunteers Week Day Three: Mike Grinsell

National Volunteers Week Day Three: Mike Grinsell

Date of release: 3 June 2020

One of the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust’s volunteers has two reasons to be cheerful after undertaking his role.

Mike Grinsell, 63, took early retirement five years ago after a career as a care worker and hospital social worker. Since he started his stint at West Park Rehabilitation Hospital, he has not only gained a new circle of friends but a desire to start working for the Trust again on a professional basis.

Latest News: National Volunteers Week Day Three: Mike Grinsell
National Volunteers Week Day Three: Mike Grinsell

“Initially I applied for this post following an advert that was put on Facebook which my sister in Guernsey saw requesting assistance to help the nursing staff at New Cross, West Park and Cannock Chase Hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mike, who lives in Portabello, Willenhall.

“Having had previous experience in both residential care and social care as a social worker within the hospitals here, I felt I’d like to come back on to the wards to do my bit after taking early retirement nearly five years ago. What I didn’t expect was that this role would re-introduce me to people who I had previously been work colleagues with, but also other new volunteers who came on board, and we have formed a social group ourselves which has been most beneficial to me.

“The patients really look forward to seeing us on the wards as we’re the human face on the outside world, especially at this time because there are no visitors allowed due to the coronavirus. It is someone they can talk to on a more social basis because the other people they see are medical staff, nurses or therapists. We undertake several tasks within our role and these are done to help assist all the nurses and doctors here at West Park, New Cross or Cannock Chase Hospital, and I would encourage anyone to come and join us.

“As part of my role here, I have been re-introduced to the hospital setting and I really have a feeling that I would like to go back on to the bank agency staff as a Health Care Assistant. Hopefully, I’ll be successful in doing this.”

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