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Armed Forces Week - Samantha McIntosh

Armed Forces Week - Samantha McIntosh

Date of release: 26 June 2020

This week is #ArmedForcesWeek and throughout the week we are going to celebrate our Armed Forces community here at RWT.

Join us as we #SaluteOurForces and recognise their invaluable contribution to the #NHS

Please read below our final staff profile:-

Latest News: Armed Forces Week Samantha McIntosh

Sam McIntosh joined the Royal Air Force aged 17 as a Dental Surgery Assistant and served just over 12 years. She worked in Maxillofacial Departments, Orthodontics and general dentist settings  worldwide.

Sam is now Head of Capacity & Flow at RWT. 

She said: “Organising and leading scuba diving expeditions to numerous places as wide ranging as Ascension Islands and St Kilda was common place for me. I was qualified to lead, be accountable and responsible for joint armed forces expeditions, this included funding, logistics and health and safety requirements. In more remote locations like St Kilda it also included having a plan in an emergency as the boat trip was 33 hours to the main land.

“My last working day in the RAF was a Friday and I started at University on the Monday to train as a Physiotherapist and started working in the NHS July 2002.

“I would highly recommend the move from the Armed Forces to the NHS, the banter is a little bit different but it is still banter!

“I do think that going to university did break up the transition between living and working on a military base and entering civilian life, which worked well for me.”

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