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Armed Forces Week - Nick Bruce

Armed Forces Week - Nick Bruce

Date of release: 22 June 2020

Today marks the start of #ArmedForcesWeek and throughout this week we are going to celebrate our Armed Forces community here at RWT.

Join us as we #SaluteOurForces and recognise their invaluable contribution to the #NHS

Please read below our first staff profile:-

Latest News: Armed Forces Week - Nick Bruce

Nick Bruce spent 10 years in the RAF as an air traffic controller, before moving to Shropshire and being posted to CATCS - The Central Air Traffic Control School, where he worked within the air traffic control training simulators.

At RWT Nick is the Associate Chief Technology Officer.

He said: “The majority of life skills, structured thinking and discipline, plus that drive to succeed, needed to adapt in “Civy Street” has been transferable to everything that I apply myself to since. I’ve done a variety of roles and jobs, most of which have been extremely interesting. However the closest I’ve ever felt to the camaraderie shared within the Armed forces is that extraordinary sense of belonging now working within the National Health Service. It’s extremely rewarding with massive job satisfaction that nurtures both enthusiasm and energy to get the best out of people and make a real difference.  In addition it’s that acknowledgement that the NHS is a precious resource, one that we will all use at some stage and a vital resource for all our family. Therefore the drive, determination and commitment to contribute to the best of our ability is much more evident, as we all have that vested interest in making the NHS the best healthcare service in the world!

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