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Chief Nurse's Blog

Chief Nurse’s Blog

Date of release: 7 July 2020

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The subject of this week’s blog is quite literally close to home for me but it carries a far-reaching message.

I live in Leicestershire, within three miles of the borders of the recently-imposed local lockdown around the city due to the spike in the numbers of cases of COVID-19 in the area. This has had an effect on so many people in the region; a cancelled hair appointment for me but for others a delay in opening their businesses or not being able to see family.

Beyond that, the situation in Leicester has made me think about our responsibilities here in Wolverhampton. With 10,000 staff, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is the city’s biggest employer in a population of just under 260,000. Most members of staff are part of the local community and as we start to get used to the ‘new normal’, we all must be mindful of the need to remain alert and stay safe to protect our NHS.

This is vital, not only for the health of ourselves and our families, but also to reduce the risk of another increase in COVID-19 cases here too. For three months now, we have not been able to socialise as before. Isolation does affect mental health but with pubs, bars and restaurants re-opening last weekend, it’s important for people to be sensible to avoid another spike in cases.

I have seen and read the local advice to the citizens of Wolverhampton from the leader of the city council and police and only hope the public heed the message as well as they have done for the past three months.

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