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Chief Nurse's Blog

Chief Nurse’s Blog

Date of release: 28 July 2020

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In this week’s blog I am focusing on the effects COVID-19 has had on staff, including myself.  

We have all been affected by events over the last four months; the pandemic has touched everybody’s lives at home and at work, some more than others. It has been a highly challenging time for us all, and we are still adapting to the ‘new normal’. 

Many nursing staff were redeployed and so took on different roles which saw them encounter new situations and learn new things. There will no doubt have been positive and negative elements to their experiences and they might be reflecting on those as they return to their previous roles. 

I have been hugely impressed with how staff have embraced changes to their ways of working. I have also been humbled at the amount of help, kindness and support there has been for each other and how people have adapted to working in different environments.

However, I am very aware that conditions could have placed nurses, and other colleagues, in situations which they might have found extremely challenging. Those times might have been very emotional, perhaps not at the time when in the ‘line of duty’, but perhaps afterwards, when there was time to reflect what happened. . Nursing is by nature a selfless profession, but for delivery of care to be effective, personal wellbeing must be a priority.

As many staff may have seen over the past two weeks through other communications,  we have launched a survey so we can capture the impact that the past four months have had on people, both positive and negative. I have emailed staff to ask them to take part in this important survey/

Itis vital we get as much feedback as possible so we can reflect, review and use people’s contributions to make improvements and inform our planning. This will help to better understand what went well, what we might want to replicate and retain, and what could have been better.

Everyone’s contribution is really important so we have extended the timescale for completion of the survey to this Friday to enable as many staff as possible to participate . 

There are also listening events you can attend - more information about these and when/where they will be held is on the Intranet site.

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