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Cutting-Edge Shoulder Surgery Improves Patient Care

Cutting-Edge Shoulder Surgery Improves Patient Care

Date of release: 10 February 2020

A woman has become The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust’s first patient to have shoulder replacement surgery as a day case operation thanks to the Trust’s expert teams.

Typically, shoulder replacement patients stay in hospital for two to three days after surgery, depending on the individual patient's progress, but 66 year old Su Turner, from Codsall, was discharged on the same day as her operation.

Latest News: Cutting-edge shoulder surgery improves patient care

Mrs Turner went in for her shoulder replacement at Cannock Chase Hospital about 7am in the morning and was discharged later that day.

Thanks to Adrian Simons, Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, and Dr Anil Singh, Anaesthetic Consultant, Mrs Turner is making a very speedy recovery.

Speaking after her operation, Mrs Turner said: “It went absolutely perfect.

“As soon as I came round I felt absolutely fine. I was up and walking around 30 minutes after the operation. I didn’t have any pain after or sickness.

“The nursing team and doctors were brilliant and I can’t thank the whole team enough.

“My shoulder had been causing me a lot of pain and it was impacting on my ironing business where I have to iron for up to 12 hours a day. It is such a relief to get it sorted.”

Dr Singh said: “This type of surgery is normally performed under general anaesthetic which comes with some side effects such as making the patient feel sick and sometimes unable to eat or drink.

“We were able to do this operation as a day case due to expert surgery and modern anesthesia (including a nerve block), followed by excellent nursing and physiotherapy care on the ward.

“This meant the patient was awake and eating and drinking within 30 minutes of her operation and was ready to be discharged within four hours.”

The teams called Mrs Turner in the evening to check on her progress and the next morning. She reported no pain or discomfort.

Mr Simons said: “The advantages for the patient are less disruption, less risk of hospital acquired infection and avoidance of a disturbed night’s sleep on a ward.

“The quality of pain relief given by Dr Singh’s anaesthetic combined with a local anaesthetic block means there is no real need for such patients to stay in.”

Dr Madhu Ahuja, Clinical Director for Critical Care Services, said: “We are one of the very few Trusts in UK to do this surgery as a day case procedure.

“Mr Adrian Simons and Dr Anil Singh have championed the day case upper limb surgery for a few years now and day case shoulder replacement is yet another feather in their cap.

“I would like to congratulate the orthopaedic, anaesthetic, ward and physiotherapy teams for their effort in setting up the pathway to facilitate this patient journey.”


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