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Marg Retires After Four Decades on ICCU

Marg Retires After Four Decades on ICCU

Date of release: 4 December 2020

Latest News: Marg retires after four decades on ICCU

Marg Jeffs, Senior Sister on Intensive Critical Care (ICCU) at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, has been praised for her ‘strength, courage and compassion’ after retiring.

She leaves the organisation following a distinguished career of four and a half decades in nursing and over 40 years in the department. 

A Senior Sister on ICCU, Marg started her training in 1972, qualifying in November 1975 as a state registered nurse and began working for the Wolverhampton Area Health Authority. 

Just over two years later, on January 1st 1978, she was promoted to a full-time Sister’s post on Intensive Care Unit (ITU) at The Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, where she was in charge of a three-bedded unit. 

Marg moved from The Royal when it closed in 1997 to New Cross Hospital, when services were amalgamated. 

The ITU became the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the seven-bedded unit doubled to 14 beds, before more than doubling again when it integrated with Cardiothoracic ITU to become the Intensive Critical Care Unit (ICCU), a 30-bedded unit.

Sara Lawley, Operational Nurse manager, ICCU, said: “She is clearly loved and respected by everyone, but particularly the student nurses she mentored and trained.

“Throughout those changes in Critical Care, Marg has raised a family and gone from mommy to granny. 

“Just as the service she has worked in, Marg has shown strength, courage and compassion, which are pivotal qualities needed as a critical care nurse and leader. 

“We’re going to miss her calmness in a crisis, her constant tidying up/cleaning and overall ‘Marg-ness’!”

Apart from taking maternity leave to have her daughters – now 35 and 31 – Marg continued working full shifts, including nights, right up to her retirement at 66.

She said: “There are so many memories, but technology wise, we can do so much more for people now than we used to.

“For me, it’s all about the patients we treat and seeing them get better, but I have also been so lucky to have worked with so many amazing people over the years.”

Marg was given a lovely send-off as doctors and nurses made speeches and staff presented her with lots of special gifts and decked the ICCU coffee room out with banners and balloons.

Now with a six-year-old grandson to dote on, Marg, who lives in Perton, near Wolverhampton, is looking forward to spending more time with her family, as well as reading and starting to knit again.

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