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Chief Nurse's Blog

Chief Nurse’s Blog

Date of release: 17 December 2020

In this week’s blog I am proud and excited to reveal a new innovation being launched today – the nursing quality dashboard.

Within nursing we have a host of data and information and the aim of the dashboard is to pull all the sources into one place so we can build a clearer picture of how we’re delivering care to patients, while identifying areas of best practice and  areas for improvement.

Latest News: Nursing Quality Dashboard

The dashboard has been designed to enable Trust staff, at any level, to view selected data sets relating to the quality of care and it has the ability to look at data from three perspectives – at Trust level, divisional level and by individual ward.

This can all be done via the live interactive dashboard, so staff at any level can view selected data sets relating to the quality of care across the Trust.

Data is accessible via InPhase, a web-based oversight system. We have imported a number of data sets derived from different sources to allow visibility of all information in one place. 

This aim is to correlate a number of data sources to enable effective triangulation of data which helps provide a ‘richer’ picture.  

The dashboard has been grouped into 11 themes – nursing workforce, patient voice, pressure ulcer, falls, deteriorating patient, infection prevention, nutrition and hydration, medication, ward safety, end of life and discharge.

There are performance ‘cards’ within each of these, allowing each to be assessed via graphs and tables showing the current month’s data and comparing it to the previous month.

The dashboard is another example of innovation at RWT as we continue to develop and adapt our systems and workforce for the modern-day healthcare system and I wish it every success.

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