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Date of release: 18 August 2020

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This week’s blog takes a different format from usual as I’m going to go a bit ‘arty’ on you, so please bear with me!

I saw this picture by the Connor Brothers artists, who entered the art scene as fictional characters, Franklyn and Brendan Connor. 

The story they told was that of American twins brought up within an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family'.

They said as children, the twins were deprived of access to information from outside of their commune.

However, in October 2014 it was revealed The Connor Brothers were actually art dealers turned artists Mike Snelle and James Golding.

Latest News: Connor Brothers - Truth Is Weirder Than Any Fiction I’ve Seen
A copy of the Connor Brothers' painting 'Truth Is Weirder Than Any Fiction I've Seen'. Thanks to the Connor Brothers for granting us permission to use their image.

From reading what I can, it appears that they have played with the concepts of truth and fiction through their artwork. Many of their paintings feature female Hollywood stars accompanied by a thought-provoking slogan.

Although it was painted prior to COVID-19, the picture here is very topical, and the nurse in the painting intrigued me. 

Why did they paint a nurse under this caption? Perhaps the media portrayal of nursing and the reality of the profession were being considered, or the combination of science and art of health care?

Perhaps a nurse is seen as a trustworthy position amidst a dark, uncertain background of healthcare?

Perhaps one of the artists can illuminate us as to their intention? I would be very intrigued to read their thoughts – or indeed anyone else’s perception of the painting.

Whatever the explanations, I find the artwork around the caring profession is always fascinating and this is less traditional than normal.

I hope you like it. As you know by now, I do – a print of the painting hangs on the wall in my office. I’d like to thank the Connor Brothers for granting us permission to use the image.

You can see more of the Connor Brothers’ work on their website www.connorbrothers.com and they’re also on Twitter @connorbrothersofficial.

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