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'Wobble' Room Set Up for AMU Staff

'Wobble' Room Set Up for AMU Staff

Date of release: 28 April 2020

A ‘wobble room’ has been set up to support staff during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With visitors not permitted on site, nurses and consultants are taking on additional roles dealing with patients on AMU, which can lead to an increase in stress in the job. Matron Sam Jarvis and Directorate Manager Charlotte Keates set up the room within AMU to help support staff.

Latest News: Members of AMU Staff in Wobble Room

The room - formerly a disused office - is seen as a permanent safe space for the whole medical team, where they can chill out, grab a cup of coffee and have some time to themselves away from the clinical area. Feedback has been hugely positive, and use of the space has helped strengthen the relationship between nurses and consultants. “It’s changed the mindset of the medical team,” said Sam Jarvis. “It’s brought us all together and made us stronger. I’m proud to be their Matron.”

The room is a comfortable area with soft furnishings, as well as a computer, where staff can access the Trust website’s health and wellbeing pages. Donations have flooded in to make the room a space to relax in. A bulk order of groceries came in from the Guru Nanak temple in Willenhall, home furnishings company Made.com donated cushions, throws and mugs and DFS have handed over a two-seater leather sofa.

Costa Coffee have brought in boxes of iced lattes, Morrisons’ Walsall branch gave the department hot cross buns and these formed part of an afternoon tea staff put on for patients at Easter. Other donations include an espresso machine from a doctor and a kettle.

Latest News: Staff Member Relaxing in Wobble Room

The groceries helped start up a corner shop for the team to stock up with essentials after a long shift. Snack boxes are made up so staff don’t go hungry.

The mother of a staff member makes greetings cards and has provided a selection for the team and an honesty box has been provided for donations for the items. All companies who have made donations are recognised on a ‘wall of thanks’ which also features rainbow pictures and cards donated by children and letters from patients.

A ‘wall of hope’ has been created for staff to write their thoughts on what they want to happen going forwards and what life might be like post-Covid, along with a suggestion box.

Also, a ‘wall of funnies and feelings’ has been created to capture humorous moments that have occurred during the day to try to maintain positive morale. Staff are encouraged to express their feelings and this is often easier in the written form, when they are alone, and these are displayed on a whiteboard. Another way staff can share their feelings is by showing laminate ‘evoke’ cards - with a picture describing an emotion on one side and a word relating to that emotion on the other - to each other, representing how they feel, then how they want to feel.

Sam Jarvis and Charlotte Keates visit the wobble room and see what emotions have been expressed and those feelings are then discussed during the staff daily debrief at 3pm. The debrief is also the platform for staff to raise any concerns, for example PPE.

With no visitors, staff, helped by clinical volunteers, have put together activity packs containing jigsaws and puzzle books for patients who are well enough to indulge in to help pass the time.

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