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Ouch - Understanding Pain in Dementia Care

Ouch - Understanding Pain in Dementia Care

Date of release: May 21st 2018

OUCH campaign launched during Dementia Action Week to raise awareness of pain in dementia.

This week is Dementia Action Week and dementia care experts at RWT have launched a campaign to raise awareness of how dementia patients express pain.

The ‘OUCH’ campaign aims to improve clinical practice through addressing common misconceptions about behaviour of dementia patients.


OUCH uses a simple four step guide to help clinical staff recognise pain in dementia patients – Observe, Understand, Communicate and Help.

Julie Willoughby, Consultant Nurse for Dementia Services at RWT, said: “Our ‘OUCH!’ campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of the experience of pain in dementia.

“Pain in people with dementia often goes unrecognised and untreated leading to unnecessary distress.

“Behavioural and psychological symptoms are mistakenly interpreted as the dementia itself rather than an attempt by the individual to communicate their pain.

“‘OUCH!’ will encourage staff to Observe, Understand, Communicate and Help people with dementia experiencing pain. The launch week will be just the beginning of a concerted effort to improve clinical practice in this important area of care across the Trust.”

For Dementia Action Week 2018, the team are also hosting stands to raise awareness across the Trust. Find them today at the WMI until 3pm and on Friday at Greggs between 10am and 3pm.

OUCH Campaign


We also have our annual quiz running this week – if you want to take part, please find the entry form attached to this email.

Please have a go and test your knowledge. All correct answers will be entered into a prize draw with the winning entry receiving a £20 Gift Voucher. The winning entry will be drawn on Friday 1st June 2018 and announced in the Trust Communication Bulletin. Closing date for entries will be 4pm on Thursday 31st May 2018.

Please forward all entries to Julie Willoughby, Consultant Nurse, A3, Basement or by email at j.willoughby@nhs.net. Alternatively, post your entry in the box at our OUCH! awareness stands during the week.

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