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Breast Reconstruction Technique Pioneered at New Cross Hospital

Breast Reconstruction Technique Pioneered at New Cross Hospital

Date of release: Thursday 25th February, 2016

A new breast reconstruction technique has been pioneered at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton as part of a multi-centre European project.

The muscle sparing procedure uses a mesh called Braxon to encase an implant in an internal bra which can be inserted and stitched into place without moving any muscle or body tissue.

Cancer patients who have undergone the surgery following a mastectomy have reported excellent cosmetic results, very little or no pain and highly satisfaction.

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Dr Raghavan Vidya, who has pioneered the surgery in the UK, said: “Mesh based implant reconstructions have been widely used over recent years but the classical procedure involves detaching the chest wall muscle to do it.

“This new technique means we don't have to do that and adds a whole new dimension to one stage breast reconstruction. It means restoration of a patients' body image with minimal surgery, less post operative pain, early recovery and less scarring compared to other types of reconstruction.

“From the NHS point of view, there are significant cost savings as the procedure is simple to learn and it cuts surgery time.”

Breast cancer patient Norma Hallas, who has undergone the new reconstruction procedure, said: “I feel that the mesh used in my operation has given me more support and it feels as if it is a normal breast. Both myself and my husband Peter have been completely happy with the implant and mesh."

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