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Renal Road Tour

Renal Road Tour

Date of release: 20 August 2015


Staff from the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust have taken to the road to demonstrate the benefits of home dialysis for patients.

The system being demonstrated on the Road Tour gives the patient the option of travelling with their machine, allowing the opportunity and flexibility for holidays. Previously they would have to book into another hospital renal service near to their holiday destination, if spaces were available, for standard haemodialysis.

The Road Tour was at New Cross Renal Unit, Wolverhampton yesterday to demonstrate the benefits of home haemodialysis for patients with kidney failure.

Patients and staff were able to drop in to the mobile unit demonstration to learn about home dialysis and see first-hand how it can improve the life of patients with renal failure.

There are further opportunities to visit the Road Tour at Cannock Hospital adjacent to the renal unit today and tomorrow, Friday 21 August, 10.00-15.00.

RWTs home Haemodialysis programme was established in Wolverhampton in 2009, this was in response to increasing evidence that more frequent dialysis is associated with improved survival, better patient outcomes and an improved quality of Life.

Standard Haemodialysis requires patients to attend a dialysis unit three times a week at a set time for a four- hour session.  Home dialysis allows patients to fit dialysis around day-to-day life instead of attending hospital for their treatment.

Dialysing at home therefore gives patients with kidney failure control over the timing of their dialysis, allowing them to either dialyse for short daily sessions or overnight which leaves their days free.

Dr Paul Carmichael, Consultant Nephrologist and Clinical Director for Renal Services said “Dialysing at home has such a positive impact on a patient’s quality of life and empowers them to be in control, giving them their freedom back.’

RWT works with a number of Commercial Suppliers to deliver the Renal Home Therapy programme, using both conventional and portable equipment.  This ensures that patients have a greater choice when choosing the right treatment; to meet their clinical needs & lifestyle choices.

For further information please call Richard Radcliffe, Head of Communications on 01902 695900 or email richardradcliffe@nhs.net

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