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Heart Warming Fundraising For Love Of Granddad

Heart Warming Fundraising For Love Of Granddad

Date of release: 15 December 2015

Little Lilly Willis loves her granddad so much that she made the ultimate sacrifice in this IT savvy age - she gave up her mobile and iPad for a week to raise money for New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton.

The seven-year-old came up with the idea because she wanted to say thank you to the doctors and nurses who look after Michael Marcou, aged 69. He has on-going health problems and was fitted with a heart pacemaker six years ago.

Lilly, who attends Oak Meadow Primary School in Wolverhampton, is so thankful for the time she spends with Michael that she decided to raise money for cardiology investigation at the hospital's Heart and Lung Centre.

She ended up raising £235 through her Just Giving page and that money is being handed over to The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Charity this Friday, December 18.

Leanne Bood, the Trust's Charity Fundraising Co-ordinator, said “Lilly's a lovely little girl and what she's done for the love of her granddad is fantastic.
“The whole family are thankful for how the hospital supports Michael – they even helped him while he was on holiday in the Dominican Republic a couple of years ago.

“His pacemaker struggled to correct his irregular heart beat and he was very poorly as a result. Our heart team liaised with staff over there and Michael recovered.”

“It must have been tough for Lilly to give up her IT for the week. She even kept away from her mum Kelly when she was on her phone in case people might think she was cheating!”

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