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Meet Sara – Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Meet Sara – Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Date of release: 26 October 2021 

Meet Sara Longman, she is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Breast Care for The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT). 

Sara’s role is to support patients after they receive a breast cancer diagnosis, providing further information and helping them understand and come to terms with the news and future treatments.

Latest News: Meet Sara – Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist

Previously, Sara worked within inpatient surgical nursing roles where she developed her passion for nursing and moved into the Breast Care Service team three years ago. 

The 51-year-old explained: “It is a privilege to support men and women throughout their breast cancer pathway during times where they can feel so vulnerable and frightened. I feel honoured to be able to get to know them not just as patients, but as individuals – I truly love my job.” 

So, what does a typical day of being a Breast Care Clinical Nurse Specialist entail? 

Sara, alongside her other colleagues, begin their day with a team meeting where they review the previous day, address any concerns, share good practice, and outline work commitments for the day ahead. 

Once the meeting has finished Sara meets with patients that have been given a cancer diagnosis and spends time with them, clarifying information and providing as much support as needed. 

Alongside contacting patients, she is also busy (with the help of her colleagues) raising awareness through their patient Facebook group and the Trust social media channels.

The Breast Care Facebook page was set up last year during the pandemic to ensure that all the breast cancer patients still got the best support without having to come to New Cross Hospital. Patients under the care of the service are notified on how to access this during their treatment. 

Sara added: “My team work together to provide the best service that we possibly can give to our patients. We seek each other’s advice and make plenty of cups of tea and coffee to keep us going throughout the day.

“It’s very rewarding being apart of such a supportive team and my favourite thing about my job is that I grow a professional bond with my patients, giving them all of my empathy, kindness and support – not just to them but for their loved ones too.” 

Not just this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but every month, Sara would like to send some advice to all women and men. Sara explained: “If you take any advice or information away today, please be ‘breast aware’. I find ‘Touch, Look, Check’ (TLC) helpful to remember when you are checking your breasts monthly. 

“I find it hard to believe that over 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK and around 350 of those are men. If you have any concern, please get it checked out with your GP. It could be nothing, but if it is, finding it early could make a huge difference.” 

Thank you for sharing your story Sara!

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