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Fifty Patients a Day Can Be Treated at Ashmore Park Eye Centre

Fifty Patients a Day Can Be Treated at Ashmore Park Eye Centre

Date of release: 22 October 2021 

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust has opened a new service at Ashmore Park Eye Centre (APEC) to monitor eye care in the community for patients with glaucoma, allowing up to 50 people per day to be treated.

Patients attending appointments at the clinic – located a mile from New Cross Hospital at Ashmore Park in Wednesfield and open from Monday to Friday – will undergo tests, including a vision assessment, eye pressure measurement and a visual field assessment if indicated.

Latest News: Fifty patients a day can be treated at Ashmore Park Eye Centre
Staff at the new eye care centre

Most of the current backlog of cases is for patients with glaucoma – a chronic condition that requires lifelong care, and the new service allows an additional 9,000 diagnostic ophthalmology slots each year.

The service at APEC is staffed by five healthcare assistants, one technician and an administrative assistant who between them cover two clinics per day, though this will shortly be increased to two technicians to allow more field tests.

The assessments are then uploaded to the hospital’s patient database Clinical Web Portal (CWP) and within a day or two, a consultant ophthalmologist will review the results online at Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary (WEI) at New Cross Hospital and write to the patient with their treatment plan.

Jennie Green, Senior Sister at WEI and Mary Jones Ward – the Eye Ward, said: “Having APEC allows us the physical space to bring bigger numbers of patients through and ensure they are consistently monitored.

“If an issue is identified, the patient is directed to WEI accident and emergency department for treatment as indicated, or, if it’s not so urgent, they will be given a timely appointment.

“We have had a backlog of patients to review in outpatients because of high numbers, which was further exacerbated by COVID-19. But opening the new service has enabled us to see up to 50 patients per day. Without this service, these people would most certainly not have had a review this soon.”

Jennie says feedback has been extremely positive. “The patients are appreciative of this service as it avoids visiting hospital and is easy to access,” she added. “The feedback is highly favourable as it is a short appointment which is simple and effective for them. There is also the potential for this service to expand in the near future too.”


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