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All hail award-winning Hayley

All hail award-winning Hayley

Date of release: 9 May 2023

A “dedicated and inspirational” manager of Community District Nurses in Wolverhampton has won a prestigious award for her leadership and adapting her service to change.

Hayley Law, Service Delivery Manager – Planned Care Adult Community based at Wolverhampton Science Park in Bushbury, has won the Nell Phoenix Charitable Arts Fund Award.

Latest News: Hayley Law (centre) receiving her award from Sofia Fontes (left) and Cath Wilson
Hayley Law (centre) receiving her award from Sofia Fontes (left) and Cath Wilson, Deputy Director of Nursing

Nell Phoenix was a patient who received excellent care at the old Royal Hospital in Wolverhampton in 1968 and generously left a sum of money in her will to set up a fund for the nurses of Wolverhampton to enjoy the arts.

Introduced in 2016 by then Chief Nurse of the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Cheryl Etches, staff can be nominated for the award each month but it is awarded on a quarterly basis, at the discretion of Professor Ann-Marie Cannaby, Group Chief Nurse.

Since its inception, the Fund’s criteria has been extended to include non-registered nurses and midwives.

Hayley restructured all the clinical teams from six teams to four, along with a recruitment drive, provided a robust communication plan to the wider stakeholders’ group and conducted a review of all caseloads and treatment plans.

Sofia Fontes, Directorate Manager – Planned Care, Adult Community Services Group – Division 3, nominated her for the award.

She said: “Hayley has supported the restructure with commendable dedication. She never lost sight of what the main goal was and maintained an optimistic and positive attitude throughout. She motivated her work colleagues to do the same.

“On many occasions, including weekends and after working days, Hayley has offered to provide clinical support and went to visit patients when the clinical teams were short-staffed.

“This allowed patients to receive their visits in a timely manner and contributed to a better overall experience. She displays how committed to work and to the Trust’s vision and values she is, inspiring others to do the same.

“In addition, as a Professional Nurse Advocate, Hayley has supported and coached many members of staff during a challenging time.

“Hayley truly and proudly represents the core values and behaviours of the nursing profession and that of RWT. We are extremely proud to have Hayley part of our team.”

Hayley said: “The Nell Phoenix Award was wonderful to receive. Leading the department through a restructure was never going to be an easy task but getting good feedback definitely made me feel positive.

“I’ve worked within the Community setting for eight years now and I truly love it – I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

“I enjoy being able to offer clinical support and working extra hours as I love seeing patients. Being in a leadership role, I don’t have as much patient contact as I previously had.

“But when I can, I’ll ensure I offer my spare time to do some clinical patient visits to help the teams out – it’s very rewarding.

“Thank you to Sofia and Leigh Dillon (Senior Matron – Adult Community Services , Primary Care Services) for the nomination and to Cath Wilson (Group Deputy Director of Nursing) for presenting me with the award.”

Hayley, 31, lives in Oxley, and is due to marry partner Sam on 23 June. She has recently started a Master’s degree in Clinical Research at the University of Birmingham, funded by the Trust.

The boot is on the other foot now for Hayley, as she successfully nominated Rebecca Steel, 35, District Nursing Sister in Planned Care Adult Community, for the Nell Phoenix award last autumn.


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