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Introducing our Mortuary Guardian

Introducing our Mortuary Guardian

Date of release: 21 March 2023

Latest News: Daimon Winters - Mortuary Guardian
Daimon Winters

A Porter at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) has inspired the creation of a new role to provide the respectful and safe transfer of deceased patients from their place of death to the hospital mortuary.

Daimon Winters, a Porter at RWT for eight years, has become the Trust’s first Mortuary Guardian. The role, based at New Cross Hospital, was introduced after Daimon stepped forward to assist with various aspects of mortuary work in response to a request for help from Patient Services last year.

As part of the job, which was established by Lee Pearson, Facilities Support Officer, in discussion with Portering and Management teams, Daimon responds to requests from Bereavement Team to dress the patients in the clothes chosen for them to be buried in.

Father-of-four and grandfather of one Daimon, 49, from Bilston, said: “I see myself as the liaison between Porters and the Mortuary and it means there is a more orderly process for the safe transfer of the deceased.

“It feels very respectful to think you’ve done a good job for the people’s families who are grieving and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. But I couldn’t have done it without the support of Lee and the mortuary staff.”

Daimon will now train small groups of Porters over a 16-week period for the benefit of staff to understand care after death in more detail, and in accordance with the needs of the deceased patients in the Trust’s care.

Dr Wendy Walker, Reader in Nursing (End-of-Life Care and Bereavement), said: “Daimon’s commitment to supporting the mortuary team, together with the development of new skills and abilities, has inspired the development and implementation of a new initiative at New Cross Hospital.”

Lee said: “The Mortuary Guardian is an essential position to provide families – as well as ward staff – with the peace of mind that their loved ones are being safely and respectfully transferred from the ward to the hospital mortuary.

“Our goal is to give the ward staff and families the assurance that the care and dignity for their family member is maintained and continued while in our Porter’s care.

“Daimon’s previous experience in the Mortuary made him the perfect candidate for this role and he’s helped put the training plan together and implement it across the Portering Department.”


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