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Chief Allied Health Professional's blog

Chief Allied Health Professional's blog

Date of release: 28 March 2023

Spotlight on our AHP Apprentices

In February we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week, with the theme of ‘Skills for Life’. 

My latest blog reflects on how our level 6 AHP apprenticeships are helping individuals develop the skills and knowledge for a rewarding career and helping us to develop a talented AHP workforce. 

Our first four Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) apprentices became registered Practitioners in August 2022, following the approval of the ODP Apprenticeship in 2019. 

Six more Theatre Assistant Practitioners started their Level 6 apprenticeship in September 2022. 

Within the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (OT) Department there are three Physiotherapy and four OT Apprentices, with five more due to start here later this year. 

Shantelle Dew (OT) and Christopher Orme (Physiotherapy), are due to complete apprenticeships this year and are excited about their futures at RWT. 

Shantelle said: “When the new apprenticeship was advertised, I jumped at it. It’s been great to study while working and I can’t wait to become an Occupational Therapist!” 

Christopher said: “I asked about the apprenticeships from the beginning of my NHS journey. This course has allowed me to progress my career, develop so many different skills and grow as a person.” 

Christopher and Katie Reynolds, OT Apprentice, recently shared their journeys at a school to inspire the next generation of AHPs and showcase what they’ve learned.

Physiotherapy, OT and ODP apprenticeships have been in place for several years, and I’m delighted to see new opportunities in Dietetics and Radiography. 

Bex – one of the first Dietetics Apprentices in the UK – joins us this month and will be studying at Sheffield Hallam University while working at RWT. 

The department is excited to be 'growing its own' Dietitian. Radiology has also recruited its first group of Diagnostic Radiography apprentices this year. 

The programme, with Keele University, is already a positive experience for the six new apprentices. 

Following a well-attended open day in Radiotherapy, we’ve also recruited two apprentices in that field. 

We’re looking to repeat this to promote the profession to others who may not be aware of the Therapeutic Radiographer role. 

Dietetics, Radiology and Radiotherapy are all looking forward to taking on more in future. 

All teams have been supported by our fantastic Apprenticeship Team. Anyone considering recruiting apprentices should contact the Team for further advice. 

If you have an idea of what you’d like to see included in my monthly blogs, or something in particular you’d like me to highlight, please email me at rosalind.leslie@nhs.net. Better still if you see me around, please say hello. 

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