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Coronavirus: Visiting

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is working hard to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect staff, patients and visitors from becoming seriously ill.

With this in mind, we have made the decision to suspend all visiting to our wards at New Cross, Cannock Chase and West Park hospitals.

We can appreciate this may be frustrating for the family and friends of patients, but we can assure you that it is the safest precaution to take at this time. As per usual practice, the ward staff will contact you if the person becomes seriously ill.

The only exceptions to this are Children’s Services, Maternity and Neonates:

Paediatric ward

  • Parents / carers only

Delivery suite, Midwifery-Led-Unit, Triage and Induction Suite, Maternity Ward D10 and Transitional Care Ward

  • Birth partners are allowed on the delivery suite
  • Birth partners are also being offered a slot on the post-natal ward. Visiting times are between 12pm-3pm and 3.30pm-6pm
  • All visitors must gel their hands and wear a face mask when entering the ward. 

Neonatal Unit

  • We will continue with one parent per cot space anytime, one visit per day (this means parents of multiple babies can have both parents but only one per cot space)
  • We are increasing the length of time a second parent (from same household) can also be present to six hours once a day, between 11am and 7pm which avoids staff handovers
  • Maintain strict social distancing at home, isolating from people outside your home as much as possible
  • Avoid using public transport
  • Please shower and wear clean clothes before you visit
  • Answer screening questions and have your temperature checked on arrival to maternity reception
  • Wash or gel your hands on entering the building and as advised by staff whilst on NNU
  • You must wear a surgical mask covering mouth and nose throughout the building, but we recognise the need to remove your masks when interacting with your baby to enhance your baby’s development and bonding. We ask that you make sure you are wearing your mask when staff are within 2 metres or if you leave your baby’s cot space
  • Stay by your baby’s cot, remaining at least 2 metres apart from other families
  • Maintain social distancing with staff where possible
  • One visit to NNU per day, once you leave the unit you cannot come back
  • Bring everything that you will need for the day, including snacks/drinks. Our drinks kitchen is available for you to use
  • The parents room is open to use the toilet, no more than two parents to be in this room at any one time, maintain 2 metres social distancing.
  • Virtual discussions with nursing and medical staff about your baby’s care are available, just let us know
  • We offer vCreate and Baby Diary to help keep in touch.

Access for Birth Partners to the New Cross Maternity Department

All members of the public attending the unit with their partners will be required to wear a face mask and adhere to social distancing rules to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

  • Delivery Suite & Maternity Led Unit: Birth partner x 1

  • Maternity Induction Unit (MIU): 3 hourly time slots x 1 birth partner only 12:00pm-3:00pm and 3:30pm-6:30pm (to be booked with MIU). Telephone number to book: 01902 695141/4038

  • Maternity Triage Unit (MTU) birth partner x 1 can attend once in a bed space.  The partner should remain by the bed space and wear a face mask.

  • Maternity Ward – (D10) 3 hourly time slots 1 parent/birth partner only, 12:00pm-3:00pm and 3:30pm-6:30pm, (to be booked with the ward) Tel No: 01902 694035/5035

  • Transitional Care – (D9)
    1 x parent visits 24/7 (no leaving the unit during visit)
    2nd parent – 11:00am-7:00pm (without leaving)

  • Neonatal Unit – (D6)
    1 x parent visits 24/7 (no leaving the unit during visit)
    2nd parent – 11:00am-7:00pm (without leaving)

  • Antenatal clinic (ANC), Fetal Assessment (FAU) and Ultrasound scan (USS) – access is currently restricted, therefore only pregnant women to attend appointment at this time

  • Community Midwives – Access to GP surgeries and HUBS are restricted and therefore only pregnant women to attend appointment.

All areas within Maternity will consider compassionate visiting/extenuating circumstances; at the discretion of the Ward Manager or Matron.

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