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Primary Care

Coronavirus: Primary Care

You will have seen in the news that COVID 19, a respiratory virus, is spreading within the community. This is likely to put the NHS under a lot of strain in the coming days and weeks, in dealing with people who are ill and also as staff become ill and are unable to come to work.

We are planning for dealing with these scenarios in both Primary and Community care.

As the numbers of cases rise, we may need to do more telephone and video consulting. These may not be with a member of your practice. It is also possible that we will need to do clinics from other sites, including dressing clinics and you may be asked to travel to unfamiliar buildings. This is because we may not be able to continue to provide a full range of services in each practice.

Depending on staff illness, it may be necessary to consolidate services in a building away from your surgery to enable us to provide a service with the staff we have available.

These are likely to be difficult times and, as our staff work more flexibly to deliver services, we are grateful to you for your understanding in helping us to deliver a service within the community which may include sites away from the buildings you are familiar with.

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