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NHS Futures 360 - Career Path Finder
Work Experience: NHS Futures 360 Career Path Finder

NHS Futures 360 - Career Path Finder

The NHS is the largest employer in the UK but who works there, what jobs can you do?

We always think about the doctors and nurses, but what about other roles?

Who keeps it clean, makes the food, maintains the equipment, the heating and air conditioning?

Who looks after the money, the specimen samples, the staff, the IT systems and records?

The list is endless but now with the use of virtual reality, you can experience a day in the life of the huge variety of professions and roles needed to keep the NHS working 24/7.

This tour has been developed for the future generations of healthcare staff. Discover the tools, support and resources we have created to help you think about your future career and where you could fit into the NHS.

For the full immersive experience we recommend you use a virtual reality headset.

Work Experience: Corporate NHS Futures 360
Work Experience: Estates and Facilities NHS Futures 360
Estates and Facilities
Work Experience: Hospital Ward NHS Futures 360
Hospital Ward
Work Experience: Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering NHS Futures 360
Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering
Work Experience: Pathology NHS Futures 360

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