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This full day event is for students from school years 10 - 13 who would like to find out more about what a career in medicine really means.

The day begins with informative talks about how to choose and apply for medical school, what to expect when you get there, and possible pathways within a medical career. Attendees will be able to watch a live operation and be given the opportunity to ask the surgeon any questions whilst performing the procedure.

After lunch the attendees take part in interactive hands-on sessions in Pathology, Radiology and Emergency Medicine. Attendees will be able to ask practicing clinicians questions, as well as take part in interactive SimWard sessions.

Work Experience: Explore Careers in Medicine
Feedback from previous Insight Days

The event was very informative and increased my knowledge about my career plan. Additionally it was hugely motivational and encouraged me to apply for medicine.

The event has helped me to ensure that medicine really is the career that I would like to pursue.

It’s given me more certainty to learn more and study medicine.

The event was very well organised and was suited to my career option.

The day was a great experience and has actively encouraged me to take a career in medicine.

I am glad I took the opportunity to come. The talks were very interesting and I learned a lot of useful information.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. It also further broadened my knowledge as to what medicine is about.

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