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Bespoke Sessions
NHS Futures: NHS Futures

Bespoke Sessions

To book any of our sessions call 07788 603856 or alternatively email us at rwh-tr.NHSFutures@nhs.net

#Discover NHS Careers

This session highlights that the NHS is not just about Nurses, Midwives and Doctors. We explore the diversity of roles available from catering to cardiology, photography to pathology and engineering to end of life care. We also discover how many roles are involved in one patient’s journey through a busy hospital.

#Discover the NHS Week

This is an action packed week long programme for those who are seriously considering working in any role within the NHS. Participants will spend the week learning about the different NHS Careers and pathways, follow a simulated patient journey, complete an accredited first aid qualification and spend a day meeting healthcare professionals visiting clinical and non-clinical departments at New Cross Hospital. Completion of the programme will enable participants to evidence their learning in applications for further study, apprenticeships or jobs.

Act Fast

Learners will be come across a scene involving a large number of casualties with wide ranging health. Participants are responsible for ordering the causalities into order of priority and dealing with their injuries and ailments; in addition to dealing their family, friends and onlookers. They will take on a role different roles and assess how they and each coped in the situation and receive peer feedback.

Cancel Cancer - Pathology Skills Lab

This session aims to dismiss some of the myths around cancer and explore how science not only helps in the fight against disease but also helps with targeted medical intervention. Participants get to perform experiments to help identify treatment.

Dead or Alive? - Patient Observations

An extremely practical session during which the theory behind basic measurements will be explained and the opportunity given for learners to perform and chart BMI, temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen saturations using current procedures and professional equipment. If time permits this is extended to include peak flow. What affects these measurements, the importance of accurate recording and recognition of the abnormal is discussed.

Dementia Friends

An interactive dementia awareness session created by the Alzheimer’s Society.

Emergency Department Scenario

During this hands-on session in our Clinical Skills Suite learners take Emergency Department roles such as Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Anesthetises, ED Consultant and many more. They will be involved in the whole patient journey from receiving the paramedic’s trauma call, through receiving the patient and conducting the ABCDE survey to prioritising their treatment.

Emergency First Aid at Work - Level 3 Accredited course

Learners will complete a 6 hour First Aid course. An example of topics covered during this practical training day is:

  1. The role of the First Aider, Scene Management & Primary Survey 
  2. Basic Life Support and use of an AED 
  3. Recovery position 
  4. Choking 
  5. Bone and Joint injuries 
  6. Burns, Scalds & Bleeding

Please note: Shorter bespoke sessions can be delivered designed around specific topics.

Hospital Hot Seat

A day spent at New Cross Hospital talking and interacting with professionals in various roles across the NHS giving real-life examples, practical career tips and an insight into working for the NHS (these can be general all-encompassing days or more specialised/focussed according to the your requirements and department availability). Play along with Hospital Hot seat, giving you the opportunity to find out the answers to questions you want to know.

Infection Prevention and Horrid Hands

This session is full of gruesome, practical information regarding the how infection is spread, hand hygiene and cleanliness. To emphasize the points made and stress the importance of effective hand washing everyone is given the opportunity to see how well they wash the Glitterbug Potion (fake germs) off their own hands by using our ultra violet hand hygiene machine.

Let’s Get Moving!

A practical session where everyone gets hands, learning how to move patients safely from sitting to standing, assisting to walk and re-sitting. Age simulation suits and visual impairment goggles are worn to replicate mobility and sight reduction to ensure a "real-life" scenario.

Midwifery Matters

Can you feel how far a cervix has dilated, can you hear the babies heart beat and calculate its rate. This session gives an insight into the world of midwifery demonstrating how the cervix expands and how you can feel what in mom’s tummy?

Over the Limit?

Delivered by Mental Health Nurses from Addiction Services, this session looks at the effects of substance misuse on the individual, their friends and family and the NHS. Participants are asked to "walk the line" wearing beer googles and try to calm a drug effected new born baby.

Staying Alive

Participants learn how to undertake Basic Life Support, and then use our interactive manikin to demonstrate their new skills.

Communication and Team Building

Learners experience what it feels like to have restricted communication and discover the coping strategies they could use to overcome communication barriers. They discover if they can follow instructions and how good they are at listening.

Interview Skills

This session is full of tips and hints on how to prepare for the interview, do and don’ts during the interview and what questions are ok ask. Dispelling myths and fears about interviews. The sessions can be extended include mock interviews.

NHS Jobs and Applications

During this session the leaners will have gained numerous tips and ideas how to make their application form stand out and get that all important interview. They will also know how to create an NHS Jobs account, search for vacancies and set up an email alert.

Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Data Security

This session gives a brief overview of the record keeping confidentiality and data security. By the of the session learners will recognise why accuracy and good record keeping and confidentiality is important and learn some tips on how to keep their own data secure.

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