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What Will I Get Out of Volunteering?
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What Will I Get Out of Volunteering?

Volunteers are an integral part of our Trust, ensuring staff and patients are supported during difficult times. However, it is equally important that our volunteers feel happy, safe, respected and supported during their time with us too

Benefits of being a RWT Volunteer
  • You will become a valued member of our staffing team!
  • Help you experience work in a healthcare environment 
  • Develop skills, knowledge and confidence for now and the future
  • Learn how your current skills can be applied to a healthcare environment 
  • Develop interpersonal and social skills by networking and making connections with a range of adults as your colleagues
  • Decide what kind of work you might choose when you leave education (or what you don't want to do!)
  • Widen your awareness of career opportunities available in our organisation and the community
  • Allow you to learn different aspects of your desired career
  • Possibility of joining our Bank staff for paid employment 
  • Personal reward of seeing patients improve – the true feel good factor!
  • Meet new people, socialise and make new friends!
What you can expect from us
  • We will respect your skills, experience and attributes, as well as your individual wishes and will do our best to meet them
  • Champion your personal and professional development 
  • Provide relevant training to equip you for your role
  • Provide support and supervision, offering honest and open feedback 
  • Listen to your opinions, values and feedback 
  • Offer clear and honest communication, informing you of any changes where appropriate 
  • Recognising your achievements and celebrating these 
  • Provide career support, advice and guidance 
  • To operate within the spirit of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion 
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable workplace
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