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Please read some of our previous volunteers comments on their experience of volunteering at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust below.

“In a nutshell I would say that there is no greater reward than knowing something small you have done, i.e made a cuppa, or provided clean bedding has helped someone else, whether it be a patient or a staff member with limited time to do that particular task.”

- C Morris (August, 2020)

“No job that I have done has given me quite the warm feeling that this volunteering has given me.”

- C Lewis (August 2020)

“I was really touched by the appreciation from the staff for my time and willingness to volunteer.”

- P Katarki (August 2020)

“Volunteering has changed my whole career path and I am so grateful for being supported as much as I have. I feel a sense of belonging with the hospital and it has played a vital role in shaping my future”

- L Hickinbottom (Feb 2021)

“One moment I will always remember was when a patient’s granddaughter had recently had a baby. The granddaughter came to the hospital window to show for grandfather the new baby. The patient was in a wheelchair, so I took him to the window to meet his new granddaughter. It was a very emotional time I will never forget. This moment made me aware how important volunteering was to support patients when their family could not during the pandemic.”

- A Mann (February 2021)

“Volunteering has helped with me getting paid employment with the Trust as it allowed for me to gain experience which then helped with my CV.”

- A Rauf (March 2021)

“The patients are very grateful, one told me; "The volunteers are great. We need more of them. They help us with the little things and free up the nurses to get on with other important tasks." I feel as though I make a difference!”

- Niraj (August 2022)

“I initially started to volunteer as a way of gaining experience. Now, it is more than that to me. It is the sheer excitement of helping those who need help, being able to talk to patients and find out who they are aside from why they are in hospital. This is something I wasn’t expecting to get out of volunteering but I genuinely look forward to each day I am volunteering.”

- Adelina (August 2022)

Clinical Staff Testimonials
“Volunteers based here have been invaluable during this extraordinary time. The assistance they have provided to the nursing and support services has been thankfully received by the teams. Everyone has been extremely professional and selfless in giving their time to help and without them many patients would have had a more difficult time whilst unable to see their loved ones, they have become friends to patients and a valuable part of the team on both wards.

“We personally wanted to say thank you so much we could not have survived the last few months without the volunteer support!”

Matron, West Park Hospital

“The joy they both have brought to ward 1 is so very valuable for patients who are not having regular contact with relatives. Also they are helpful for housekeeping and nursing staff cleaning, making beds and participating in drinks and meals rounds. When I see either of them they have a big smile and hello asking how I am. They provide a lovely welcome to the ward”.

Matron- West Park Hospital

I would like to say a big thank you for the support the team has given the Covid-19 swab station over the past few months. The support provided has been phenomenal and we really appreciate your kindness.  

All of your hard work through-out the pandemic will never go unnoticed – thankyou.

Covid-19 Swabbing Hub

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