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Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Foundation Doctor Programme



Delivery and organisation of the Foundation Program is run by the team below. The PGMED staff are always available and willing to help. They will do their best to answer your enquiries, offer support and guidance and oversee junior doctor forums to make sure your feedback is heard and represented to the trust and the foundation school.

  • Clinical Tutor Professor Helen Steed
  • FY Lead Dr Indu Lakshmi
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Manager – Debra Baker
  • Postgraduate Medical Education Coordinators
    • Lyndsey Wilson
    • Kiran Bhambra
    • Sophie Cowdell
Educational and Clinical Supervisors

In each post you will have a named clinical supervisor who will induct you to the post, help you write a personal development plan and supervise your clinical performance while you are in that post. You will need to arrange to meet them at the beginning, middle and end of every placement and will receive feedback on your performance in that post to help guide your personal objectives in your next placement. In addition, you will have a named educational supervisor, who will be responsible for overseeing your education over the course of the entire two year program. You will need to meet them at the beginning and end of every placement for guidance and feedback and to plan any additional educational needs you may have. They will also be responsible for reviewing your portfolio with you and helping you keep on track.

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