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Student Process

Student Process

Students who are interested in completing a biomedical science degree in hopes to go into a biomedical science career can look at universities such as Wolverhampton, Aston, Coventry and Keele here in the Midlands. 

Studying at one of these universities allows the opportunity to do a voluntary placement year in an NHS laboratory to complete your portfolio before completing your degree. This is an amazing opportunity which is incredibly competitive as there are often only around 30 spots within this region. 

This placement year provides the chance to work in a real laboratory as well as learning vital information through a course of workshops on topics such as quality management and how to HCPC register as well as having guest lecturers to build networks with.  Completing this placement year allows you to leave university and register immediately for your HCPC and start your career as a biomedical scientist.

If you don’t get to complete a placement year you will need to complete a portfolio after leaving university meaning you can start your career as a trainee BMS and complete your portfolio as you work.

  • Completing a placement year allows you to step straight into a BMS role.
  • Any laboratory experience is great!
  • Being geographically flexible will provide more opportunities for employment
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