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HealthRoster is an electronic management system and workforce tool to enable the effective, safe and equitable utilisation of staff and resources across Trust. It enables managers to more effectively roster to staffing needs by time of day, day of week and by skill level, ensuring that the ‘right people, with the right skills, at the right time’ are available. It enables end-to-end staff management based on one consolidated view of all staff groups and all staff types, whether substantive, bank or agency.

Benefits of HealthRoster include:
  • Improved patient care - by ensuring that correctly skilled staff are on duty, and increasing time to care
  • Roster Analysis - objectively shows if the roster is ‘good’ e.g. safe, fair and efficient – via Key Performance Indicators
  • Reduced costs - highlights and reduces avoidable costs by better utilisation of the workforce
  • Payroll Integration - sends pay (unsocial hours, overtime) and absence data using established ESR interfaces, reducing the administrative burden and increasing accuracy
  • Reduced dependency on the temporary workforce - delivering costs savings and improved continuity of care
How Do I Access Training Materials and Frequently Asked Questions for HealthRoster?

Please visit 'System Information and Training Guides' under Electronic Rostering on the intranet (please note that these pages are only accessible using a Trust device connected to the network).

Access HealthRoster

Recommended browser is Google Chrome.

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