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OSCE Bootcamp Programme

OSCE Bootcamp Programme

Welcome to The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and our award winning OSCE Bootcamp programme.

Over the coming weeks you will be supported by the OSCE team to prepare for the final stage of your Nursing and Midwifery Council Test of Competence and transitioning your existing knowledge, skills and experience into UK nursing practice.  The OSCE team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of OSCE and supported nurses from across the world in passing OSCE and achieving their dream.

The OSCE Bootcamp programme adopts a blended learning approach commencing with virtual learning during your pastoral week where you will be taught and familiarised virtually with all the elements of the OSCE examination.  Following this you will move into your practical assessment phase where our experienced OSCE team will assess and provide you with feedback on all the OSCE elements including a mock OSCE examination.

When completing your theoretical e-Learning for the first time please complete in the order listed in the table below. Following initial completion you can access the e-Learning in any order.

After each presentation, please ensure you click on RECORD RESULTS to enable you to complete the on line compliance form with the following information:

(*Mandatory fields):

Employee Number
Job Title*

You will receive an email for each presentation watched.  Please keep these emails for your own records.

Package Number Topic
1 OSCE Process and Nursing Process
2 Patient Identification, Consent and Confidentiality
3 Communication and Documentation
4 Activities of Daily Living
5 Physiological Observations
6 OSCE Care Planning and Evaluation
7 OSCE Implementation
8 Intramuscular Injection
9 Subcutaneous Injection
10 Administration of Inhaled Medications
11 Peak Expiratory Flow Rate
12 Aseptic Non-Touch Technique
13 Catheter Specimen of Urine
14 Removal of Urinary Catheter
15 Fluid Balance
16 Midstream Specimen of Urine and Urinalysis

We are looking forward to supporting you in your OSCE journey and gaining you UK Nursing and Midwifery Council registration and PIN number.

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