Telephone Directory

Cannock Chase Hospital

If the department you require is not listed below please dial 01902 307999. You will be answered by an auto-system, which will enable you to get directly through to the extension numbers. If you have a touch tone telephone, simply follow the instructions. If you do not have a compatible telephone, or do not know the extension number, simply hold on and our operators will assist you. The numbers listed below are direct lines into wards/departments and will bypass the main switchboard.

Main Numbers

Main Reception(01543) 576900

Dental Emergencies(01543) 576210

Appointments Bookings at New Cross(01902) 695100/695200/695800


Davy Unit (Chemotherapy)(01543) 576010

Davy Unit (Rheumatology)(01543) 576013

Fair Oak(01543) 576040/576043

Hilton Main(01543) 576580/576581

Holly Bank(01543) 576742

Lea Hall(01543) 576662

Lea Hall (Day Case)(01543) 576662


Admissions (based at New Cross)(01902) 694103

Boots Pharmacy(01543) 576002

Dermatology(01543) 576033

Endoscopy(01543) 576285

General Out Patient Department(01543) 575146/66120

G.U.M.(Chase Suite)(01543) 576266

Lab - Clinical Chemistry (based at New Cross)(01902) 695200 Ext. 88266

Lab - Haematology (based at New Cross)(01902) 695200 Ext. 88245

Lab - Microbiology (based at New Cross)(01902) 695200 Ext. 88266

Minor Injuries(01543) 576200

MRI (Scanning)(01543) 576950

Pharmacy (General)(01543) 576079

Podiatry(01543) 576286

Pre Admissions(01543) 576589

Radiology General(01543) 576152

Renal Unit (Reception)(01543) 576480