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Publications and Documents

Publications and Documents

Our corporate publications and documents such as the annual report, Trust-wide strategy, operational plans and financial performance reports will be available here as they are published.

If you are looking for older copies of these publications, you can view the archive at the bottom of the page. 

Trust Annual Reports / Quality Accounts
Publications and Documents: Annual Report 2019-2020 Cover

Annual Report 2019/20 (PDF, 30Mb) 

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Quality Account 2019/20 (PDF, 3Mb)

All NHS Trusts are required to produce an annual Quality Account to provide information on the quality of the services it provides to patients and their families, and has published its Quality Account for 2019/20.

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) welcomes the opportunity to be transparent and able to demonstrate how well we are performing, taking into account the views of service users, carers, staff and the public. We can use this information to make decisions about our services and to identify areas for improvement.

This Quality Account provides information on progress against the agreed key priorities, which include workforce, safe care and patient experience and sets out priorities and plans for the upcoming year.

Publications and Documents: Quality Accounts Summary 2019-2020 Cover

Clinical Research Network West Midlands

Annual Delivery Report: 2016/17 (PDF 1Mb)

Annual Summary 2016/17 (PDF 326Kb)

Operational Plans and Trust Strategies

The Patient Experience, Engagement and Public Involvement Strategy 2019-2022

The Patient Experience, Engagement and Public Involvement Strategy 2019-2022 has now been revised and updated. The Strategy outlines the Trust’s aspirations for the next 3 years to strengthen and further develop our approach to patient experience, engagement and public involvement. 

Key points to note:

  • The Strategy supersedes the current Patient Engagement and Public Involvement Strategy. In addition, it encompasses the patient experience aspects included in the current Patient Experience, Quality and Safety Strategy.
  • It includes associated actions and measurement for achievement
  • Key focus of the Strategy will be to strengthen the following areas: complaints management, community engagement, co-production, directorate/divisional ownership of the patient experience agenda, use of data to inform improvements, volunteering agenda and the role of Council of Members.
  • The Strategy has been consulted with a wide variety of staff, patient representatives and stakeholders

The strategy sets out clearly the Trust’s intends to ensure that care provision is patient-centred and involves patients, the community and other stakeholders in development of services by collaboration and co-production. The document sets out challenging and wide-ranging objectives by which RWT will involve, listen to, work with, and learn from the patients and wider community to develop excellent, relevant care.

Trust Annual Accounts
Publications and Documents: Annual Accounts 2019-2020 Cover
Trust Charity Annual Report and Accounts
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