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Primary Care

Primary Care Services

As of 6 November 2019, ten GP Practices are now part of the Trust which will see RWT directly responsible for the delivery of care.

This vertical integration (VI) offers a unique opportunity to redesign services from initial patient contact through on-going management and end of life care.

As a single organisation the issues of scope of responsibility, funding, differing objectives and drivers will be removed and clinicians will be in a position to design effective, high quality clinical pathways which will improve appropriate access and positively impact on patient outcomes. 


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For any Primary Care Services queries, please email the team  
Additional Appointments Available

Additional appointments are now available to all Vertical Integration (VI) practice patients.
Details of the extended access can be found on the below. 

Unity Enhanced Access (access appointments at the weekends, weekday evening and bank holidays). 

Unity Hub will be providing GP and nursing appointments for all patients that are registered under VI. 
More information about Unity Hub can be found here.

Our Vertical Integration practices
All the above GP practices are accepting new patients depending on where you live. Please check the practice website for information about how to register with the practice.

For many years we have known that care co-ordination between different parts of the health system is not as good as should be,” explains Trust Chief Executive David Loughton CBE. 

“By working hand in glove with local respected GPs, we think we can deliver a much better patient experience and increase value for the tax payer”.

Dr Helen Hibbs, Accountable Officer for Wolverhampton CCG, added: “The CCG has been working with the Royal Wolverhampton Trust to take progressive steps towards investigating new models of care for the patients of Wolverhampton. We are pleased to support these exciting endeavours and are working with NHS England and the Trust to ensure proposals are in the interests of providing the right care in the right place, at the right time."

We know that any change can be unsettling to you as a patient but RWT and the GP Partners are working with patient groups, staff and the general public to make sure we keep you informed. If you have a question there are some Frequently Asked Questions below and contact details at the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Are RWT ‘taking over’ the GP surgeries?    
This is not a take-over or a merger. All three practices taking part approached RWT to be involved.

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Is this definitely going to happen?
We are very confident that this will go ahead. There are a number of formal approvals that are needed and the transfer of staff is currently being worked through and we are working closely with central and local NHS organisations to finalise our proposal, and gain final approval. However we wanted to keep people updated about what was happening before the official announcement goes out in April.

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What will this mean for me as a patient?    
There will be no change to normal GP services. Over time, we aim to increase the number of services and locations from which you will be able to access GP services. 

The GP practices are all working together, and with RWT, to develop our plans for closer working together between hospital, community and GP services. This is a really important for all involved and it needs to be properly worked through which will take time. 

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Why is this happening now?    
Following a government report into the future of the NHS (NHS Five Year Forward View) all healthcare organisations are being encouraged to think differently.


Across the country new models of care will be trialed with RWT proposing a pioneering approach that differs to others around the country and is very much focused on what will work for the people of Wolverhampton. 

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Do I need to do anything on the transfer date to still be able to see my GP?    
No. There will be no disruption for you as a patient and no changes to how or where you access services.

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Will there be a reduction in local GP services?
No. Our intention is to work with the existing Trust teams, our new GPs and the commissioner to improve local GP services and ensure patient needs are met.     

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Will any of the surgeries close?
There is no intention to alter the location of any of the current surgeries.

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Will staff be made redundant?
Staff, including the GPs will be employed by RWT with no staff being made redundant as part of the transfer and formal consultation is currently underway with those staff. There are no plans for any staff to be made redundant. In fact we envisage growing opportunities for our staff to develop and enhance their skills.

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Will patients have to wait longer for appointments?
No. One of the things we hope to achieve is to provide quicker access to services over time.

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What do I do if I want more information?
There will be posters going up at each GP practice as well as this website being updated and announcements in the local press. We are already engaging with the Patient Groups from each practice and taking on board feedback. If you have a comment or question you can get in touch by emailing: RWTPrimaryCare@nhs.net

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Will this mean I have to go to New Cross for appointments?
No. Your GPs will continue to be based at your current surgery.

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As we are joining other practices will this mean less appointments?
No. One of the things we hope to achieve is to provide better access to appointments over time.

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