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Our Performance

Our Performance

The team of inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), an organisation which monitors, inspects  and regulates health services across the country, spent four days in June 2015 visiting RWT’s three sites – New Cross and West Park hospitals in Wolverhampton and Cannock Chase Hospital – and also inspected our community services and facilities.

Patient Surveys    
To improve the quality of services that the NHS delivers, it is important to understand what people think about their care and treatment. One way of doing this is by asking people who have recently used health services to tell us about their experiences.

Friends and Family Test 
A nationwide NHS initiative that offers every patient that receives care and treatment the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.

Patients are asked whether they would recommend services to friends and family in need of similar care, which is an important reflection of the quality of care they received.

The Friends and Family Test is quick and simple way to measure our services and understand the needs of our patients. Your feedback is valuable and counts in shaping our future and living our values.

National NHS Staff Survey
The purpose of this survey is to collect staff views about working in their NHS organisation. Data is used to improve local working conditions for staff, and ultimately to improve patient care. Results from the survey for our Trust are available here.

Surgeon-Specific Mortality Data      
This information provides the Board of Directors with the surgeon specific data published through NHS England covering Royal Wolverhampton Trust services.

Open and Honest Care in Your Local Hospital   
We are one of a number of NHS organisations who want to be open and honest with our patients. This is how a modern NHS hospital should be – open and accountable to the public and patients and always driving improvements in care.

As a member of the Open and Honest Care: Driving Improvement programme we continue to work with patients and staff to provide open and honest care, and through implementing quality improvements, further reduce the harm that patients sometimes experience when they are in our care.

Clinical Coding Arrangements Review
The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust on behalf of the Mortality Review Assurance Group (MoRAG) asked CHKS to provide an independent view on the progress and achievements made against a planned programme of change instigated within the Trust’s clinical coding team in 2011/12. Findings from this review will be supported by an action plan to focus on improving the effectiveness of the coding department and plans to support delivery of the plan.  


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