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Hayley's Hearts Create Keepsakes and Funds for Trust Charity

Hayley’s Hearts Create Keepsakes and Funds for Trust Charity

May 2020

A kind-hearted lady keen on crafts has used her skills to make keepsakes for staff and raise money for The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Charity.

Hayley Ashcroft, 33, from Ashmore Park, Wednesfield, has made over 60 origami hearts over the course of four or five days and invited sponsors for them on Facebook, offering them for a minimum donation of £1.50 each. She has now raised a total of £162.50.

“I love crafts and I had so much pretty paper that I decided to do something with it,” said Hayley, who works as a learning facilitator at Walsall College library. “I’m not a seamstress so couldn’t make gowns for the staff, so I sat watching TV folding the paper, then I put the hearts on Facebook and people went mad for them. It’s also great for your mental health with not much else to do with our spare time at the moment.”

Our Charity: Hayley’s Hearts Create Keepsakes and Funds for Trust Charity

Once she had made them, Hayley personalised each heart with the name of the person who had made the donation and added their names with an old typewriter she kept at home.

Hayley also wanted to do something for the Trust as a thank you for the treatment her relatives received over the years. Her late mother Bev Ashcroft twice beat breast cancer at New Cross Hospital and her late grandmother, Shirley Whitehouse, was also looked after by the organisation for different conditions. Both have had sponsored hearts made in their memory. “The care they both received was amazing,” added Hayley.

Other hearts were sent to Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where Hayley’s aunt, Rose Dileva, works as a nurse, and to Hayley’s friend, Hayley Webber-Waterfield, who is employed as a nurse associate at Compton Care. “Family and friends have always been complimentary about what I do but it’s been nice to have positive comments from others about how much they liked them,” added Hayley.

Hayley was helped where to direct her fundraising by Phil Bateman MBE, Labour councillor for Wednesfield North. Cllr Bateman said: “Well done everyone - a great bit of work by Hayley! I am so proud of her sterling effort ... as I am proud of all who work so tirelessly within the NHS to keep us all safe.”

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