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Integrated Care Alliance

Integrated Care Alliance

Welcome to the Integrated Care Alliance, where NHS organisations are working in partnership with the local council and others, to take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering standards, and improving the health and social care of the population.

More of the population now have a mixture of needs that involve medical care as well as social care support.

The challenges set out nationally can be summarised as people living longer, with more complex health issues and these are no different in Wolverhampton:

  • 1 in 4 people in Wolverhampton have a limiting long term illness
  • A quarter of early deaths (under age 75) are due to smoking, obesity, cardiovascular disease and lack of physical activity
  • In two decades time there will be 16000 more people 65+ and 4000 85+
  • 13% of single person households are in 60+ age group
  • In Wolverhampton 4.2% of the population are unemployed
  • 25.9% of children under 16 years of age in Wolverhampton Borough were classified as living in poverty.
  • Historically Wolverhampton has experienced lower than average earnings and achievement of qualifications.

We recognise that things cannot continue as they are. We are working differently to make the changes required, to think about solutions and make them happen, regardless of the traditional barriers that exist. We are refining organisational boundaries and are working towards establishing teams without walls who focus on the person and their care needs.

We also know that we cannot address these challenges without a fresh look at our relationship with the people and the communities of Wolverhampton and in turn the relationships that those people and communities have with each other.

Our vision is to deliver care closer to home where appropriate and to invest in capacity and capability in Primary and Community care settings.

To achieve our vision, we are starting with a focus on four important areas to enhance patient care:

  • Frailty
  • End of Life Care
  • Children and Young People
  • Adult Mental Health

We will now work together to find new ways of thinking and doing things differently to achieve the changes required. 

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