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Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

Equality Delivery System (EDS2)

The EDS for the NHS was formally launched in 2011.  A refreshed Equality Delivery System for the NHS, has been published.  The main purpose is to help NHS organisations (in discussion with local partners and people), review and improve their performance for people with protected characteristics (as per the Equality Act 2010).

The EDS2 is a continuous evolving system, it has four goals :- 

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In financial year 2017/18 the Trust looked at Goal 2 – Improved Patient Access and Experience, its 4 outcomes are:

2.1 : People, carers and communities can readily access hospital, community health or primary care services and should not be denied access on unreasonable grounds

2.2 : People are informed and supported to be as involved as they wish to be in decisions about their care

2.3 : People report positive experiences of the NHS

2.4 : People’s complaints about services are handled respectfully and efficiently

In order to assess and grade this goal, the Trust facilitated an engagement event with service users, carers, stakeholders, staff and the local community, this was held in January 2018. The results of this assessment and grading session will be published in due course. Further information around EDS can be found in the Trust’s annual equality, diversity and inclusion reports which are available on our equality, diversity and inclusion webpage.

GOAL 2 - Improvement Action Plan

In response to the EDS grading for Goal 2, the Trust are currently considering and compiling an action plan for improvement and this will be available when finalised.

Information will be added shortly.

Information will be added shortly.

These goals contain 18 outcomes, against which the Trust has to assess and initially grade itself, using a range of evidence.

The process must be done in collaboration with local interest groups/stakeholders and the grades must be finally agreed.

Further information will be published as and when it becomes available. 

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