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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month 2021

Black History Month: Black History Month logo

Black History Month (BHM) takes place in October every year and is an annual commemoration of the history, achievements and contributions of black people in the UK. People from many different backgrounds come together during this month to celebrate the positive role of black people in shaping our communities.

The aims of Black History Month are to:
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of black history and culture
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the contributions made by black people to the cultural and economic development of the UK.   

Here at RWT, we are inviting staff to take part in the campaign by submitting a ‘proud to be’ testimonial. Find out more and read what staff have submitted so far.

By asking people what they are ‘proud to be’ we can share individual stories and celebrate the rich diversity of our workforce. We look forward to hearing from you!

Some of the food outlets are also joining in with the Black History Month celebrations by offering a choice of ethnic dishes. This culinary delight kicks off on Tuesday, October 5th and then carries on every Tuesday and Thursday throughout October, where you will be able to choose from two dishes from black and Asian cultures from around the world

Participating retail outlets are:

  • Food for Thought (WMI)
  • North Lobby Café
  • Eastside Café
  • Westside Café
A Musical Act for Black History Month

If you cannot see this video, watch it on YouTube

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